Blog Closed

Our blog is now closed for the 2012 school year and there will be no new posts.  You will still be able to access our blog though the Halcombe School website and we'll link it to our 2013 blog too. Thank you for your support throughout the year, we have loved sharing our learning with you.

To our Year 8 students - all the best for high school and beyond! Make the most of the opportunities you are given. Be nice. Work hard. Have fun.

To the Year 7 students - see you again in February!


Year 8 Dinner

Today our Year 8 students travelled to Essence Restaurant in Feilding for a special lunch.  This event, supported by our school PTA, was to farewell them and wish them luck.  It was a delicious lunch!

Buddy Class

It is AGES since we had Buddy Class!  We finally found time to get together today and were very impressed by the writing our younger buddies shared with us.  We look forward to getting stuck into some rowdy outside games next week!

Personal Gardens

Some of the keen gardeners in our class have been growing their own gardens over the past few months.  Today our class went out to have a look at the gardens - they are very impressive!

Camp Comic Life

Since returning from camp, we have made a photo collage using Comic Life.  Check out the examples below:

Athletics Sports

Today was our athletics sports!  First we split up into groups and rotated around lots of fun activities including a dress-up race, target throwing, obstacle course, sack races, three-legged races, high jump, long jump, water relays, hurdles and an egg and spoon race.  It was loads of fun!  After that we had some sprint races - it was quite windy so it was hard to run fast!  We also had the final of the athletic champs 100m, the 400m (well done to Elen who won the girls race, and Sean B the boys) and the house relays.  Matai won both the Junior and Senior races!  Unbelievable!

Nydia Bay Camp

Well, what a week! In a week of perfect weather, we did so many cool things including swimming, kayaking, fishing, tramping, a quadathlon and a skit night. We had a lot of fun and will remember this week for many years to come. A massive thank you to our awesome camp parents, Mr Langtry, Mr Short, Mr Bonnor, Mr Skelton, Mr Exeter, Mr Durston and Mrs Lynch.

Video Highlights From Camp


Golf Time!

Today it was time to play some golf!  We had a special teacher, Karen, who come along and taught us the basic technique for hitting a ball.  She was really impressed by how far we could hit it, though there were definitely plenty of epic fails too!

Play Presentations

Today it was time to present the plays we have been working on this week.  They were very entertaining!  Most people went all out with their acting and costumes - well done team!

Athletics Champs

Each year, our best athletes compete in the Athletics Champs.  They compete in five events - high jump, long jump, shot put, discus and the 100m, and score points along the way.  Once again, the competition is very hot this year.  We won't find out the results until our end of year prizegiving!  Here are some pictures from the high jump competition:

The Finished Mural!

The mural is finally finished!  It looks awesome!  Thanks again to Mrs Humphrey and Mrs Langtry, and their clever bunch of helpers!  We must have the flashest back-of-the-swimming-pool-fence in the whole of New Zealand!

Movie Time

We recently made movies to advertise the book 'The One And Only Ivan'.  Check out these examples by Elen and Nelly:

R5 Camp

Room 5 has been away at camp in Castlepoint this week.  Miss Simpson went along for the fun too!  Here is a video of some epic sand duning!

'Caption This'

Recently we did some visual langauge and writing activities based on the illustrations of Chris van Allsburg.  We also had a 'Caption This' challenge.  Well done to Alex, Theo, Jahden and Logan B who came up with such clever captions!  Here are some examples:

Yummy Stickers

Every year we collect Yummy Stickers and Mrs Otter sends them off to the Yummy Fruit Company in exchange for free sports gear!  This year we have been given some rugby balls, netballs, soccer balls and whistles - awesome!

Halcombe School Athletics Records

With our athletics programme well underway, it's time to delve into the record books.  Here are the current Halcombe School records for your information - I wonder if any of these records will be broken this year?  Hope so!

Shot Put:    M. Ruawhe  -  7.98m  -  2011
Discus:    B. Munn  -  18.70m  -  2009
High Jump:    L. Byford  -  1.40m  -  2000
Long Jump:    B. Munn  -  4.32m  -  2009

Shot Put:   T. Hickford-Page  -  10.05m  -  2000
Discus:   N. Worthington  -  31m  -  1996
High Jump:   S. Atmore  -  1.51m  -  2001
Long Jump:   P.Grayson  -  4.82m  -  1996


Last term, we were hit with a dance craze called Azonto (thanks to our friends at Somerset School in Palmerston North).  We had loads of fun videoing ourselves doing all kinds of weird and wacky moves.  We have finally had a chance to put everything together in a movie.  Enjoy!

Mural - Environmental Area

This is a project two years in the making!  We have a large blank wall along one side of our environmental area (it's the back of the swimming pool changing rooms).  There has been a lot of talk about painting a mural on this wall, and today this project finally got off the ground!  Elen, Molly, Hilary and Cara were our 'expert' painters, with help from Mrs Humphrey and Mrs Langtry.  We think it will look pretty sweet when it's finished!



New Gazebo!

We have just purchased this fancy gazebo!  It will be very helpful at all kinds of different events!  Thank you to the kids who helped to put it up for the very first time this morning.

Opinion Time

We're having a bit of trouble with Wallwisher, our favourite online bulletin board programme, so we're trying something new. 

Click on the link below to share your opinion of 'The One And Only Ivan', using Corkboard:



Sharing Our Writing

Sharing our writing is really important - it gives us an audience!  Today we shared our most recent pieces of writing - a short story/narrative about an earthquake, and a recount of the cross country.

Special Performance

Today we were treated to a special performance by our choir and kapa haka group.  They have obviously been working hard and put on a very good show.  Well done kids!  Congratulations to Alex and Jahden who were recognised for the awesome contribution they have made to the choir and kapa haka group respectively.

Novel Study - Character Description

This week, we're working on a novel study in literacy time.  This study will focus on 'The One And Only Ivan', our class chapter book.  Today we discussed what information might be in a character description, then we wrote a character description for the mighty silverback gorilla, Ivan:

'The One And Only Ivan' - Katherine Applegate

We're about to finish reading this lovely book, 'The One And Only Ivan'. It is a moving story about friendship, loneliness, art, hope, and standing up for what's right.

Check out this website, which explains the true story behind the book:


Hunterville Cross Country

Today we had a team of 28 runners compete in the Interschool Cross Country championships, held at Hunterville School.  The course is extremely tough, with some killer hills!  The hot conditions made running especially challenging today.  Our team did extremely well - we're proud of you!  Our top results were:

Year 4-5 Girls:  Ffion - 8th
Year 4-5 Boys:  Kerry - 10th, Cameron - 11th
Year 6-7 Girls:  Elen - 5th, Olivia - 18th
Year 6-7 Boys:  Jack - 4th, Flynn - 16th
Year 8 Girls:  Emily - 8th, Hilary - 18th
Year 8 Boys:  Logan W - 11th, Sean B - 15th, Jake - 20th

Science - Metals

Today we learnt all about the oxidation of metals (also known as corrosion or rust).  We found out that oxygen causes iron to rust, and that damp conditions speed up this process.  We then researched some ways to prevent rust from forming.  Here is Juliet's list:

After that we split up into groups to go on a 'metal hunt' around the school.  Our task was to take close-up photos of random metal objects that other groups will have to try and find.  Should be interesting!  Here is a sample of some of the objects you'll have to find:

Recount Writing

Today we began work on a recount of our cross country.  Here is the plan we made together as a class to help guide our writing:

Sponsored Child Update

Last week we received an update on our sponsored child, Clara.  Clara lives in the Ibwera area in Tanzania.  She is at Primary School and her current health status is good.
Clara’s favourite food is bananas and her favourite colour is pink.  Our support has helped Clara and her family to buy maize seeds and a cow.  Clara’s favourite day of the week is Sunday, because she gets to go to church and her biggest achievement this year is learning how to skip.  She always goes to bed at 8.30pm and the first thing she does in the morning is brush her teeth.   
Written by Emily.